Today was the day that Bean delved into the world of Shakespeare for the first time (if we don’t count Gnomeo and Juliet – and I don’t think we do). Yesterday he was given a box set of Shakespeare titles which have been rewritten for younger readers. He[…]

Monday started better than I had imagined it would, given my allotment activities the day before. All three children were in great moods. On our tentative “timetable”, Bean ought to have been working on a cubs badge for his topic work, but he asked if we could swap[…]

I was reading an article recently in which Bear Grylls explained that he thought parents remove too much risk from their children’s lives. His theory was that wrapping them up in cotton wool did them a dis-service – far from keeping them safe, it was preventing them from[…]

Today’s Happy Days post is all about learning. We had quite a chilled day, but with plenty of learning involved. After some time playing a game on the touchpad, Bean did some Maths. He was struggling with one particular concept and getting upset, so we went back to[…]

Tuesdays always seem busy with a trip to the next town for Plum’s dancing classes. She did both classes without problems today – I was really proud of her and it was lovely to watch her really trying hard and to see how she’s progressed (for instance, last[…]

Today has been a good day. This morning, after a late start, Bean did some reading and maths, Plum completed another lesson on Reading Eggs* (with lots of giggles) and PK happily played. After lunch, Bean and I went to the allotment for a couple of hours. It[…]