I mentioned at some point that one of the things Bean wanted to do was learn to play guitar. He got a guitar about 18 months ago, and despite his best intentions, he hasn’t made much progress with it. He wants to learn, but he wants it to[…]

I haven’t been as good at taking photos for this project as I had intended – we get caught up in what we’re doing and I forget to take a photo. I think it’s fair to say it’s going to take more than 100 days to get to[…]

Having finished my 100 Happy Days posts I thought I would take part in this challenge that I have seen. I’ve been wanting to take part for a little while, but couldn’t commit to doing that whilst also doing another photo challenge!  I’ll be doing this one slightly[…]

The weather was beautiful today, which I was very grateful for, as we had arranged to join some local home educating families on a geocaching walk around Linacre Reservoirs. We had a fabulous time – it was warm, sunny and dry. We walked through woodlands, along the reservoirs,[…]

Well what a difference a day makes. After such an awful day on Wednesday, Thursday pulled its socks up and was a flipping good day. We’ll quietly pretend my laptop packing up didn’t happen – it would be a shame to put a black cloud over such a[…]

I have to start this post with a confession. We have been struggling with Home Ed. Whilst Bean has been making progress, it has been a battle to get him to do anything. It’s been hard for all of us and it got to the point this week[…]