I’ve been a bit quiet this week, sorry! It’s just been one of those weeks. I hope the blog will be back up to full speed next week. We did some artwork in the garden this week. I saw a link on Facebook (and I’ve tried to find[…]

The schools might be on holiday, but there are lots of home education activities happening over the summer. Last week, I took Bean and Plum along to a tie dye workshop at the home of a fellow home education family. Bean was really looking forward to it, and Plum[…]

Have you ever wanted to jump off a perfectly solid platform high in the trees, into thin air? No? Me either. So when I asked Bean if he would like to have a tree top Junior adventure at Go Ape, he readily agreed, as long as I took[…]

We’ve been home educating since November – eight months already! Time flies! In November, we had Bean who was 7, Plum who was 2 and PK who was 11 months, so really, the only one being educated was Bean – the little two needed nothing more than plenty[…]

Have you heard of Summer Brain Drain? It’s the loss of learning that occurs in children over the summer break from school. There’s lots of research that shows that this is a real phenomenon – on average, students lose a whole month’s worth of learning over the break. Some students lose as much as three months’ worth of learning and the areas most affected by this loss are maths, reading and spelling. It’s a depressing thought, but there is good news – there are some positive steps you can take this summer to minimise or even eradicate the loss for your child.

I’m slowly getting caught up with the Home Ed Days photos. The children have been away with grandparents for a week, so these photos are spaced out again. So we’re still not doing a photo a day, but we will, eventually, show what Home Ed looks like in[…]