Today I have a guest post ….. from my husband Stonelaughter! This is the first of two he’s written about some home ed activities he and the children took part in. Over to him ….       RAF Cosford Bean and I went to RAF Cosford museum[…]

One thing we’ve found over the last (almost) year of home educating is that the number of opportunities for getting involved in things far outstrips what we were expecting. There are all kinds of groups going on locally, which mean that the children can do things they might[…]

I’ve been meaning to write about this for ages, but life got in the way, as it has a habit of doing (and as you may have noticed from the lack of posts last week. Sorry, we were here, there and everywhere having a great time. No time[…]

We seem to be properly back in the swing of things now and have been cracking on with lots of learning this week. Bean has got back into his maths and is reading as much as he always does. He picked his new research topic last week, and[…]

I wrote recently about finding some great educational resources on the Twinkl website. I’m really pleased that, despite not following the National Curriculum, there are so many resources that are useful to us as a home educating family. I found the site when I was desperately searching for resources to[…]

We’re slowing getting back into our stride with home education after a break over the summer. We hadn’t intended to take much of a break over the summer, but that’s just things turned out. This week, Bean has been somewhat reluctant to do anything resembling work. On the[…]