As children get older, the list of things they want gets longer. Inevitably, at the same time, the size of things gets smaller and price tags increase significantly. Children rarely appreciate how much these things cost or where the money comes from to buy them. Of course not,[…]

So yesterday I wrote about how our HE journey had changed shape several times over the last two years, but now we feel like we’re in a place that suits us all. Bean is throwing himself into his new found love of all things Minecraft, and as part[…]

We’ve been home educating for a little over 2 years now. When we started I had an idea of what home education would be like in our family.  I had the National Curriculum saved to my computer, topics planned, resources found, worksheets printed …. and that lasted all of[…]

Today I have another guest post from my husband Stonelaughter! This is the second of two he’s written about some home ed activities he and the children took part in – this time, planned and delivered all by himself 😉       Bridgnorth When I was a kid,[…]

One of the things we have always known about Bean, ever since he started school is that he doesn’t like to write. He can write, and well (not necessarily neatly, especially since he is left handed) but he doesn’t like to.  At school, he would do written work[…]

As you may know, my husband Stonelaughter has a flute workshop at the back of our garden. The flutes he makes are wooden, so it’s full of wood, wood shavings, sawdust, wood working tools …. you get the picture. There are often offcuts of wood sitting about waiting[…]