Bean and Stonelaughter have been experimenting again, this time with salt and crystals. They dissolved salt into water, until no more would dissolve, added food colouring and poured their mixture into egg shells.  They agreed to leave them for 3 days and then come back to see what[…]

When you begin home educating, many people advise a period of deschooling – a time when you may not do any formal learning (though possibly plenty of activities) to get school out of everyone’s system. Different people suggest different lengths of time, but a rule of thumb I’ve[…]

Last month, you may remember that having made gingerbread men with the children, we were surprised when one decided to up and leave for a holiday, rather than hang around to be eaten. Since then, we have had several cards, letters and postcards from both the gingerbread man[…]

Shortly before Christmas, we went to Lidl to see if they had a particular crafty item in their weekly deals. They didn’t, but we did find a rather splendid ring binder full of 365 science experiments for £5, so we bought it. Bean likes experiments, and science and[…]

Yesterday, Bean and Plum made gingerbread men. They did a great job. I got to make one too, and decorate it. It’s cold out, so I gave him some nice, warm, sturdy boots, some warm mittens and a woollen hat. I left him with the tray of men[…]

So, we are in our third week of home education, and we are still alive. And we still have our sanity (well, what we had of it when we started anyway). The first week was a struggle. Keen to take the advice we were given, and give Bean[…]