I love The Great British Bake Off and always have done (and not just because of Paul Hollywood!). However, I always end up looking at the lovely recipes and wondering how on earth one would go about making them if you’re gluten free. This year I decided I would[…]

We all like a treat from time to time, but when you’re gluten free, true treats can be hard to come by. You can visit most major supermarkets these days and be greeted with an array of gluten free cakes and pastries, but anyone who has tried many[…]

You may have noticed (and you may not!) an addition to the blog this week. For the last ten or more years, all my cooking has been gluten free, as a result of being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. After several people asked me to share my gluten free[…]

On Friday Bean and Plum went off for a little holiday in Norfolk with their grandparents. I always miss Bean when he goes, and this is Plum’s first time and I’m missing her too of course; the house is so quiet without their giggling and banter, although PK[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: Z – Zesty It’s the last day – we made it! I’ve enjoyed doing this challenge, and am pleased that I managed to find a topic for each letter that I thought was worth writing (and reading) about. I am in awe of those participants[…]

I’ve never been slim, let alone skinny, but since having children, I’ve put on more weight and it just doesn’t shift. Part of the problem is that I often lack real motivation to do anything about it. Part of the problem is my severe lack of willpower around[…]