Here we are on a Friday evening, kids playing, adults happily listening to music from my car playlist which has, this evening, decided to play lots of things we haven’t heard for aaaaages. It’s all good. And then PK gets excited about the fact that he doesn’t wear nappies anymore,[…]

My kids often say odd, weird, funny, out of the blue things, and I usually forget to make a note of them, which is a shame, because I suspect I could write a book based on the things they say. Today though, I am here, making a note[…]

This was the question this evening from the back  of the car, courtesy of not-quite-six-year-old Plum. Not really a question I was expecting, or equipped to answer whilst navigating a busy four-way junction at rush hour. After a moment’s thought and having safely cleared the traffic, we discussed[…]

Not instructions to my window cleaner, but the punchline to a surreal joke which always amused me when I was at sixth form college, some *cough24cough* years ago. My conversation with Plum yesterday brought it to mind. Following her bath during which she had played with some new stick-on-the-side-of-the-bath letters, we decided[…]

*gasp* “Don’t worry Mummy, I will fix this.” “What have you done Plum?” “Nothing. Of course I’ve done nothing Mummy”   Hmn, time to find out what the damage is then!

Mummy, have you already written your will?  Are you leaving me your Kindle? Gee, thanks Bean. Go back to bed!