My research has started with looking at the Golden Ratio in nature. I first found out about this when I started my training in Sound Therapy and was fascinated by it. It seemed like the perfect place to start researching patterns in nature. In nature the Golden Ratio results in a nesting process which can be repeated into infinity and which is shown as a spiral. It’s best exhibited in sunflower seed heads and the nautilus shell. Pine cones are another great example.

I recently discovered a weekly blog-along where participants share details of their current crochet or knitting project, as well as what they are currently reading. I stumbled on it just as I was nearing the end of a major project and starting re-reading a book that’s very important[…]

So many people think they’ll get away with using copyrighted images on things they make and sell. This couple were fined £5000, ordered to forfeit over £23000 of “earnings”, have to pay £8000 in legal fees as well as complete 75 hours of unpaid community service. Serves them[…]

Do you run a business with an Etsy shop? Are you living in the UK?  I need you! Late last year, as I took my wares to various craft markets, I struggled. As you might know if you read this blog regularly, I have Fibromyalgia and that, combined with[…]

Organisers, it’s time to step up.

You want to organise a great event, with great stalls, lots of people attending, lots of sales. Happy punters all round. You can help make that happen. You can help create an environment where crafters can make a living selling quality goods to people who appreciate quality handcrafted goods.

When you take bookings, insist on ….

If you’ve arrived at this post hoping to read about ladies of the night, then let me disappoint you now. The only ladies of the night this post touches on are those who sit up all night, crochet hook in hand, thinking “just one more row and then[…]