If you’re a regular reader then you may remember that my family began Geocaching last Spring. We really enjoy it – it’s a great way to get out in the countryside with the children and it takes us to places we might not otherwise visit. So when I[…]

      NEW RELEASE…… Welcome to the World! by inspirational author Kanta Bosniak works as a baby blessing for the child and for the child in us all. Directly addressing the child, it serves as a kind of loving welcome as well as a kind of spiritual[…]

A Nurse’s Obligation A Town’s Demise A Mother’s Regret A Son’s Calling A Daughter’s Mistake A Time to Forgive For every woman who thinks she left her past behind… Historic, environmental drama wrapped in a love story… It’s 1948 in the steel town of Donora, Pennsylvania, site of[…]

The Parent Agency is Now OPEN! Barry test drives five sets of parents after deciding his are rubbish. Which will he choose and what happens if he can’t?

  ENDGAME IS REAL. ENDGAME IS NOW.   Imagine being the current “chosen one” for one of the twelve tribes of the world. All humans stem from one of these tribes. Only one tribe will survive, and the survival of your tribe rests on your shoulders, an eighteen-year-old Valedictorian just[…]

Bean loves to read, and gets through a lot of books. He likes adventures, fantasy and sci-fi. He’s only eight, but he has a ready age of eleven or twelve, and so like many parents of children who really love to read, we have to be careful; he’ll[…]