About Mahala

Mahala is a 40 something mother of three young children and wife to a flute maker. An ex-teacher-turned-WAHM who home educates her children, she writes about life as a parent, in all its guises; living with chronic illness; the occasional gluten free recipe and even a bit of politics from time to time.

We have lived in our current home for around 6 years and I’ve been wanting to move for sometime now.  Towards the end of last year, we finally decided we were in a position where it could be possible.  We started looking at properties and found our dream[…]

My fourth birthday cake, made by my Mum.  I still remember it 31 years later and it’s the reason I like to make my son’s birthday cakes myself, in the hope he’ll remember them in years to come.

There’s been a lot written about breast v bottle over the years, and GMTV has been stirring up the debate again lately. I don’t want this post to be a lecture about which is better, but the story of my personal struggle. When I was 21, fresh from[…]

Each week I will be showcasing a different book from the Barefoot selection. This one is one of my son’s favourites.  He’s had his copy for over two years now, and he still loves to come back to it now.  It has brilliant artwork (the artwork for each[…]

For me, it’s my Mum.  An obvious enough answer, but not one that I have expressed nearly enough in the past.  We’re very similar I think, sometimes too similar, and that can make it difficult, some times.  It hit me this weekend why she inspires me, and it[…]

So, today was The Party, the event that we have been counting in sleeps for 10 days now.  We knew the day had arrived when Bean bounced into our room at 3.30 this morning, telling us he was excited and asking that we immediately tell his brother that[…]