We’ve been home from France for a few days now and we’re already looking at our next trip which I think will be in August.  The children love France and by the end of the week all three were finding confidence to attempt speaking French beyond asking for[…]

We arrived in France on Saturday and have explored the local area. Today, having made it to the bakery we like in the local village early enough to buy croissants before they sold out (PK having already made quite an impression there on Saturday when he marched in and loudly[…]

A little while ago, I wrote about how I’ve been feeling a bit lost, not sure of my place in the world. I decided that I needed to do something about it – feeling that way is not pleasant. So I have. Well, I’ve made a start at least. I mentioned[…]

Well, not quite, but we took Harriet to Salisbury. Recently, the children have learned about the Stone Age, including a HE visit to Conkers where they took part in a Stone Age theme day. They learned a lot about Stone Age life, and heard mention of Stonehenge – enough[…]