We’ve had Elsie and Rita for two weeks tomorrow. Two weeks already. They’ve settled in nicely; they’re enjoying the sun, loving the occasional worm they find, have created themselves a dust bath in their run and are generally enjoying life in the fresh air for the first time[…]

Backyard chicken keeping has many highs – the (almost) constant source of fresh eggs, the lovely personalities of the hens, watching them clucking around the garden …. but it has some lows too, such as when Ethel, Mabel and Doris met Mr Fox at Easter.  On Friday, you[…]

There hasn’t been a tale from the hen house recently, because, well, there haven’t been any hens. Over Easter weekend, Mr Fox decided to help himself to an Easter treat, and took Ethel, Mabel and Doris. We were heartbroken, but at least we know they spent their last[…]