Sounds Like Time For a Change

A little while ago, I wrote about how I’ve been feeling a bit lost, not sure of my place in the world. I decided that I needed to do something about it – feeling that way is not pleasant. So I have. Well, I’ve made a start at least.

I mentioned briefly in that post that I am a qualified sound therapist but that I was not using that qualification. The reason for that is that after being assaulted at school whist I was a teacher, I was left with a wrist injury which meant I was unable to use two of the three instruments I was qualified to use in therapy. Well, nine years have passed since then, and my wrist has improved a lot. I can use two of three instruments now, and that’s enough to make it worth offering myself as a sound therapist again.

The five bowls I selected, coming in at a combined total weight of 6.3kg. I’ve also got three wands, two mallets and a violin bow for these babies!


Just before I had to stop the last time around, I had enrolled on course with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (through whom I qualified originally) to learn gong therapy. That had to be cancelled after my injury, so I decided a couple of weeks ago to contact them to see if I could do that training now. As it happened, there was an opportunity to do just that, and add Himalayan Bowls to my repertoire too, but only if I could join the course which was due to start around 10 days later.

Such short notice might have caused issues for me once upon a time, but I believe that sometimes things are meant to be. This course was starting just when I needed it, and just when I had funds available to pay for it, as well as the instruments I would need.  And as well as allowing me to add two new instruments it would also mean that my qualification bumped up from a Therapist Level Certificate to a Practitioner Level Diploma. And so I signed up!

some of the nine gongs we had playing at once. I have one each of the left and centre gongs.

Last week, I dropped the children off at their grandparents’ house on my way to Bognor Regis, where the course is taught at the University of Chichester and I spent two blissful days surrounded by sound. I was joining the first two days of a five-day course for the new intake of the Diploma course. The first day involved two wonderful sound baths, lots of discussion of the theory, and some unexpected healing!

After the first day, I spent a quiet evening reading through the updated theory (of which there was a lot) and mentally applying it to the system I’d already learned. The next day we spent time creating soundscapes with gongs and Himalayan bowls and it was glorious!


In amongst all this, I also selected five Himalayan bowls of varying sizes and before I went I’d already ordered two large gongs, gong stands, and some extra percussion items to add to my existing kit.

And so, before the year is out, I will have completed the course, and begun my therapy business once again. I cannot wait! And in case anyone is interested, I will be adding DLP.ST (BAST) to my business cards. I already have three sets of letters that I’m entitled to add to my name and never use, but I will be using my new letters – if only in relation to the business 🙂

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