Meet Harriet – The Newest Member of Our Tribe

We’ve always loved taking the children camping, and some of their favourite times have been on camping holidays. We haven’t been camping since the summer of 2015 though. I took the children to Peak Camp, a home ed get together in the Peak District. They thoroughly enjoyed it, but it proved to me that camping is no longer for me. 

It’s not that I don’t like camping anymore, it’s that camping in a tent is too much for me. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk by the end of the 4 days or so we were there. And so that was the end of that. We sold both our tents and thought about getting a caravan, but nothing ever came of it.

Recently though, the thought of taking the children off on mini (or not so mini) road trips was becoming ever more appealing. There was talk of a trip to Romania to a home ed festival. The idea of towing a caravan to Romania did not fill me with glee.  A camper van seemed more feasible, practical, and just more romantic. I did some searching and found plenty of vans for sale which looked like they might not make it to the end of the road, never mind manage a 3000 mile journey. I saw lots of “projects” for the summer, and lots of really good looking vans with eyewatering prices.

And then, in amongst all of those, I saw Harriet. Harriet is 27 years old, a workhorse whose only fault seemed to be that the shower gets a bit hot. She had been loved and looked after. She was looking for a family to give her more adventures. She was living quite close to where Stonelaughter was working. 

He arranged to go and see her and took her for a test drive. He loved her. We could see from the listing that quite a few others we interested in her and we made an offer there and then. It was accepted and a few days later, we all went to collect her and bring her home.

She’s lovely, for a 27 year old van but she could do with a bit of a spruce up inside. Check back soon to see what sort of transformation I’ve managed with fabrics and paint at my side!


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