On Mondays, after gymnastics, we go to Subway for lunch with friends. We’ve always driven back from Nottingham to go to our local Subway but recently our friends’ Monday commitments changed and they needed to stay around Nottingham for their afternoon activities. And so, for the last two[…]

My kids often say odd, weird, funny, out of the blue things, and I usually forget to make a note of them, which is a shame, because I suspect I could write a book based on the things they say. Today though, I am here, making a note[…]

I live in the East Midlands, a little North of Nottingham. I am aware that to many of you, that will put me firmly in The North. But I grew up in the North East, a little South of Newcastle, in a place that regarded North Yorkshire as[…]

Here’s a question for you – what do you do when you have a child with long hair who doesn’t like it touched? Genuine question. PK has long, curly hair and he hates it being touched, let alone combed. We tried the Tangle Teaser thing. Still screams like[…]

Last week, I mentioned on Facebook that I saw considering wearing a nose ring again. I wondered if I was too old for it now. I got my nose pierced in my first year at uni, but wore various studs until my 21st birthday, when I changed it[…]

This was the question this evening from the back  of the car, courtesy of not-quite-six-year-old Plum. Not really a question I was expecting, or equipped to answer whilst navigating a busy four-way junction at rush hour. After a moment’s thought and having safely cleared the traffic, we discussed[…]