Stationery Heaven

I love stationery. Always have done. I don’t mean utility items like hole punches and envelopes, but pens, notebooks, paper …. Notebooks are my big indulgence. I can’t resist a gorgeous notebook, which is why have load of them around the house, each one partly used (and some long forgotten ones that were never used). I bought a new one just last week, but this time I am using it. Properly. And everything.

I bought a notebook with lots of patterns to colour. My notebooks are full of pages of notes surrounded by doodles. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the notes amongst the doodling so I’m hoping this new one will satisfy my need to add creative bits around my notes and let my notes be legible. So far, so good. 

As well as colouring in the flowers and mandalas as I’m note making, I’ve also found myself colouring late at night, just for something restful to do. I have trouble sleeping, so hope that some colouring will help my brain wind down, because crocheting late at night keeps my brain active. So far,  this aspect hasn’t worked so well, but it’s worth pursuing, I think.

I started using this particular notebook for making notes and scrapbooking my big project for the first 5 months of 2017, which led me to thinking about keeping notes and ideas about all of my freeform projects in the future. This led me to searching for new notebooks, but I have been good and not bought any new ones; instead I’ve rounded up some existing ones to be re-purposed into my crochet journals.

I wonder if I’ll be able to make those as pretty and still be able to read my notes?

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