No Resolutions For Me, I’m Setting Goals

I don’t like setting resolutions – I think it’s too much pressure to put on yourself. Instead, I’m setting myself some goals for the coming year. If I don’t complete them, it’s OK, I can always do them later. If I change my mind and it’s no longer something that I’m drawn to, then so what? I’ll move on to the next challenge, the next interest.

So here, in no particular order, are my goals for 2017:


1. Become a Nemeton Priestess

I am embarking on a training course in February to become a Nemeton (sacred space) Priestess, which I am very much looking forward to. The role of a Nemeton Priestess is to create sacred space where it is needed and holding space for each other and ourselves when needed. The course promises to cover sacred drama, dance, meditation, altar building, visualisation, Priestessing, imagination, soul midwifery and voice toning (I have a little experience of some of these things, but am very much looking forward to learning more).


2. Learn to play guitar

I’d also like to finally learn to play my guitar, which I got for my 40th birthday in 2014. Bean and I started teaching ourselves with the help of some online training but we didn’t make a great deal of progress. In October 2015 we started to take lessons with a local teacher. Whilst Bean quickly lost interest, I was making reasonable progress with just 30 minutes a week of teaching. Circumstances meant I needed to put it on hold at the end of 2015 though and I never got round to picking it up again. I want to do that this year and make some real progress.



3. Complete the IFFG 2017 Challenge.

I wrote about this in a previous post, and I really want to complete it this year.


4. Learn the art of Tatting

In the process of looking at all kinds of designs and patterns when I’m researching a new project I’ve come across quite a few pieces which have been made through tatting. Tatting is an ancient form of lace making using shuttles to create patterns of knots. It’s a skill I’ve never tried but I’ve so many wonderful things made using it that I’ve decided I’d like to give it a go. I’ve bought myself the basics needed for starting out and will keep you posted about how I get on!



5. Progress my Sound Therapy experience

I’m still considering this one, but an opportunity has arisen to get back into Sound Therapy. I have a Sound Therapy qualification (an officially recognised one), and I was the first person in the UK to get this particular qualification. I’m qualified in drum therapy, tuning forks therapy and mantra therapy but an injury which stopped me being able to drum or use my tuning forks brought my Sound Therapy to an end, but Sound Therapy has become far more popular since then and there may be a chance for me to join a local team of therapists. I’m going to look into this. I’d also like to complete the module on gong therapy (which I had booked before my injury stopped me), although I’m not sure there will be time to do this in 2017. If all goes well I’d also like to pick up where I left off on developing my own form of Sound Therapy using Himalayan Bowls.



Are you planning anything for 2017? I’d love to hear what you are hoping to achieve next year!

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