No Pain, No Gain

Last week, I mentioned on Facebook that I saw considering wearing a nose ring again. I wondered if I was too old for it now.

I got my nose pierced in my first year at uni, but wore various studs until my 21st birthday, when I changed it for a ring. I wore it for quite a while, but eventually had to remove it, as various employers were less than happy with me having a ring in my nose. Even when I went back to uni, I couldn’t wear it, my tutor at Durham Uni being very sure no student teacher on her course was going to have a nose ring. Which is ironic, because for much of my teaching career, I wore a ring in my nose. Three years into teaching, I decided enough was enough and hell would not freeze over if I had a facial piercing. No-one batted an eyelid and so it stayed in until Plum was born – I was asked to remove it for the emergency cesarean section, and whilst I was in surgery my things were moved from the labour ward to the maternity ward and my ring was lost. I never got around to replacing it.

When I was a teacher, with a nose ring.

When I was a teacher, with a nose ring.

I finally decided I wanted it back, and having been assured by friends that age has no bearing on the matter, I ordered a new ring and then set about finding the hole. I’ve re-pierced my nose myself twice before and found it a fairly easy process. This time however it wasn’t happening. The hole was still visible on the outside (and the inside) but I could only manage to reopen the first few millimetres before realising it was well and truly healed over in the middle. And I don’t have it in me to force a needle through my own nose if there’s no hole there to guide it.

So, after taking the children to the cinema, we paid a visit to a local(ish) tattoo studio who offer any piercing for a tenner on Wednesdays. I asked him to redo it for me. He did my daith piercing earlier this year, and was excellent – he was friendly, he didn’t make fun of my needle phobia, and he did a good job. Today, he was just as friendly, was great with the kids (who sat on the sofa in the waiting area, watching the fish), and encouraging when I was clearly nervous about what was coming. He kept talking about all sorts of things before and during so I didn’t have chance to think about it! He even asked a horrified Bean what piercing he wanted today.

I have had my nose pierced professionally twice before, both times at a tattoo studio in Bath in the early 1990s. Both times the guy used an ear gun, which was quick and didn’t hurt much, but did leave me with one of those ugly huge gold studs sticking out the side of my nose until it was healed enough to take out and change. Today it was done properly, with a needle and it hurt like a bitch. I opted for a continuous ring this time, since my fingers struggle with ball closures now and I am relieved that I don’t need to change it for anything else. Changing the ring in my nose, the belly piercing I used to have, or the upper ear piercings always makes me feel quite faint!


So, I am perhaps the wimpiest person to opt for multiple piercings (I’ve had eight, which isn’t a huge amount, I know, but enough when you don’t like the actual process of getting them done) but I don’t care. 

Today’s trip might have had the added bonus that I don’t think Bean, Plum or PK will be begging for any piercings any time soon!


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