Mummy, Is Life Pain?

This was the question this evening from the back  of the car, courtesy of not-quite-six-year-old Plum.

Not really a question I was expecting, or equipped to answer whilst navigating a busy four-way junction at rush hour.

After a moment’s thought and having safely cleared the traffic, we discussed what she meant. She meant that so many things hurt – tummy ache, falling over, having a piercing (she doesn’t ever want her ears pierced because it will hurt), injections, falling out with friends, hanging your knee on the vault at gymnastics… 


There was nothing to do but agree that yes, there are lots of things that hurt in life. I asked if there were more things that hurt than didn’t hurt. She thought for a little while and listed nice things – in 

*hugs and cuddles 
*puddles to jump in 
*snuggles from cats 
*eggs from the hens 
*pancakes for breakfast 
*looking at the stars
*playing with friends 
*scrunching in leaves 
*being in the forest 
*walking on the beach 

And then concluded that there are lots more nice things in life and that sometimes life hurts but there are always smiles on the way. 

Not a bad lesson for an almost six-year-old to learn. 

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