Dancing the Day Away

Today was the first full rehearsal for Plum’s dance show at the end of next week. It’s quite a big affair – two sell out shows at Mansfield Palace Theatre, each lasting over two hours, as everyone who attends the dance school performs on stage, from tiny tots of 18 months to the seniors, many of whom will be moving on to pastures new soon.

This year is a really special show as it celebrates 50 years of the dance school being open – 50 years and it’s still run by the same family!






This year, Plum is in four dances; she takes a combo class of ballet, tap and jazz and also takes an acrodance class. Her tap dance is a Charleston style dance and I adore the costume for it (unfortunately I didn’t get a great photo of that one); her ballet dance is to Princess Things from Sophia the First and this is Plum’s favourite costume. For the jazz piece, her class teams up with the next jazz class up and they’re all performing to Little Mix in a pink fluffy affair. Predictably, Plum love this one too! Lastly is her acro performance. Her class is teaming up with some older dancers for this too – there are actually four classes taking part in this piece, a beach story. Plum’s class are bathing belles. I really like the outfit, though I’m not keen on the colour to be honest!




Thankfully, because she’s still in one of the younger classes, she doesn’t appear in the second half – and we were very glad of that today as the rehearsal dragged on for much longer than the show. In between all the dances, each class had to have their official photos taken and of course there are adjustments to be made (mainly for the older dancers; I don’t think the younger dancers could manage any changes to their dance at this late stage!), costumes to be checked … and it all takes time. We were there for four hours today!


I was dreading it – four hours with Plum and her costume changes, but very little time when she is actually needed for the rehearsal, and with Bean and PK to keep amused too. Bean was easy – acquire the wi-fi password and he was happy to buy himself in screens for the duration, with a bag of snacks and drinks on hand to dig into and all was well. 


PK generally doesn’t do well in situations like this, and why would he? He’s three years old and sitting quietly and not getting in the way for all that time is generally more than he can handle, so I went prepared. A freshly charged iPad, a Thomas the Tank Engine busy pack (book, play mat and 12 trains), lots of drinks and snacks …  Actually he played with the iPad for about 10 minutes but he played with the Thomas set for quite a long time, as well as playing with Plum and two friends from dance, and sitting with me for lots of cuddles – he has been very cuddly today and I have loved it!


Plum managed well – some playing with her busy set, but mostly playing with her friend from dancing – they’re inseparable at dance!  She did really well until the practice for the finale, when it all became a bit much. She was tired, and having been distinctly under the weather for the last five days, it was all a bit overwhelming. When we get to the show itself, she’ll be fine, because her four dances will all be over in a little over an hour.

After that, it was definitely time to relax – we had some parcels to collect, and popped for coffee and cake whilst we were there and then, home for cuddles, watching a movie and playing games.

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