Home Ed Blog Challenge – Day 7

We made it – the last day of a week of blogging our home ed activities every day. I genuinely wondered if we’d make it this far when I started. But we did, and we finished on a high!

I purposely leave Wednesday free (except for Bean’s swimming lesson) so that we have time to do things like day trips, projects with friends etc without missing any of the lessons the kids attend (and that I’ve already paid for!).

Today, we went to a friend’s house to make Rice Krispie Pumpkin Cakes. Eight children (aged 1-10), three adults, a metric shedload of marshmallow, a box of Rice Krispies,a lake of orange dye … what could possibly go wrong?  Actually, nothing went wrong. We adults pretended to be responsible by melting butter and marshmallows, adding orange dye, trying not to compare the mixture to newborn nappies, stirring in Krispies (the mixture gets unbelievably hot with all that sugar in there, so we decided it would be best to do that ourselves). I converted the recipe to metric, and we doubled it for so many kids. We replaced the Rolos with Minstrels because we don’t do Nestle. We got 40 pumpkins out of the mix – five each, which was just about right! 



Rolling it all into balls was fun and everyone took part, making cute little pumpkins and finishing them off with half minstrels and slices of green sizzles. Good, messy fun, though by some miracle we didn’t cover the kitchen in it. And they taste delicious.


The kids all had a picnic lunch together and played various games including card games, Lego, a magnet game (which kept all of them entertained) and Bean revelled in the youngest two boys wanting to give him lots of cuddles.

Around three, we went home so Bean could get sorted for swimming. On the way, Plum and PK practised “skip counting” – a concept Plum was introduced to this week in her maths course – they chose to count in tens this time. Whilst Bean swam, Plum played with some of the other younger siblings in the viewing area, and PK stayed glued to me (very unusual) for lots of cuddles and some exploration of numbers. He wanted to know why the numbers on the banner behind me weren’t in order – it was a phone number and then he started telling me that if you put 1 and zero, it’s ten, 1 and 0 and 0 is a hundred, 1 and 0 and 0 and 0 is a thousand. Next he started adding – one and one, two and two, five and five. He genuinely loves numbers and will count or add or use them in some other way every chance he gets. Not bad for a three-year old.


Bean was trying hard in swimming today – I’ve watched him make loads of progress over the last few weeks, until today when his teacher decided he’d made such good progress he awarded him two badges and moved him on to the next stage! I can’t tell you how proud I am of him, and when he came out of the changing rooms, he came running to me for a hug 🙂 As soon as we got home, he rang Stonelaughter, who works away during the week, to tell him the good news!

And that’s the end of our day, and the end of this Home Ed Blog Challenge. Come back some time to see what we get up to in the future!

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