Home Ed Blog Challenge – Day 6

Tuesday, wrote a maker of exceedingly mediocre cakes ….

Our Tuesdays are in transition at the moment – we recently stopped running the Home Ed group we’ve run for the past 18 months on Tuesday afternoons, and Bean’s new tennis lessons on Tuesday mornings don’t start for a couple of weeks. So there’s no real plan of attack at the moment.

This morning started slowly but eventually, all three children settled down and did some maths and then the little two set about playing together for a bit. Bean and I played a word game and then he put on a movie to keep the Plum and PK entertained whilst I went upstairs to receive an important phone call.

This is one of the few downsides of home education in my opinion – if you need to make an appointment with your GP or have important meetings, you can’t just ship the kids off to school and go to those meetings and appointments alone. It is definitely a hurdle and I haven’t yet found an ideal solution. Thankfully, I was able to take the half hour call in my room whilst Bean kept an eye on the other two downstairs, but it’s not always that simple.


Twice a week, PK and Plum go to nursery for a couple of hours, not because I particularly want them to go to nursery (and Plum, being almost 6, is beyond the scope of nursery anyway really), but because this is one solution I’ve found to the issue of what to do with the children when I need to do something without them. I attend a GP Referral Exercise programme at the local sports centre – I have fibromyalgia amongst other illnesses and have found exercise really difficult. I saw the programme being advertised at the GP surgery and asked to be referred. The coaches have put together a 40 minute programme in the gym for me which I do twice a week, which takes into account what I can and can’t do (for instance, I can manage a recumbent bike, but not a rowing machine, a low row machine is OK, the chest press usually isn’t ….).

As part of the scheme I have to go at set times, and deciding that this was important for my health, which is in turn important to the children, we decided that the little two should go to nursery so I can do it. Bean comes with me. At 10, he’s too young to come into the gym, but the staff know him – we’re at the sports centre six times a week – and he’s OK to stay downstairs in the main area, where the cafe and seating is. He usually spends his time hunting Pokemon, or playing on his DS. In January, he’s old enough to come in the gym and use the equipment, so I’ve told him he’ll be able to hatch eggs much more effectively on the treadmill!

Back to today. After picking Plum & PK up, we headed to the supermarket to pick up the ingredients for an activity we’re doing tomorrow which turned into a marathon visit thanks to a potty training incident (urgh). On to pick up a parcel and by the time we got home, it was almost dark, the chooks were practically begging to be locked away and everyone was hungry.

It feels like such a long day, with not much achieved, but such is life sometimes. And not even any pictures to show for it today!

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  1. Don’t feel down, you prioritised your health (which is incredibly important, but difficult with kids), and you successfully prepped for the next day. I got the dreaded smear test letter this morning – where do I put the kids for that?!

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