Home Ed Blog Challenge – Day 4

Well, I have so much to write about today…

but none of it is home ed related and it all belongs in a different post!  We have had a very lazy day today. Lots of playing, some TV, some games, playing with the cats, talking with the chooks …

We didn’t go swimming after all – the energy I was trying to save got used up on another night of poor sleep, as shown by last night’s sleep screen on my Leaf app – that big patch of orange in between the lilac and purple section is where I woke up for a couple of hours during the night. The purple is areas of deep sleep and the lilac is light, restless sleep). With so little sleep, and the resulting pain from not getting enough rest, I was in no fit state to take them swimming unfortunately.


Bean is full of cold and feeling a bit under the weather with it, so whilst it didn’t stop him going out to play with his friends, he did find his energy disappeared pretty quickly. PK was content to please himself today and to prove that he *finally* seems to have grasped the idea of potty training by not having to be asked or reminded to have a wee, but just get on with himself today. Not long ago, we wondered if he would *ever* show signs of being ready but I think we might have it cracked now. High fives all round.  Plum has played, entertained us with her singing, and generally relaxed most of the day.

Mid afternoon I finally corralled everyone into the car and we went to see Stonelaughter at the MBS show where he’s selling his flutes. He’d just finished giving his talk on making and playing Native American style flutes and there was a buzz around his stall of people wanting to buy the CD and several who were interested in buying flutes. We left him to it for a bit and went to see what the other stalls had to offer.


The children were like moths to a flame where the crystals were concerned; they finally chose one tumblestone each – amethyst for Plum, jade for Bean and carnelian for PK and they were each given a glass heart by a stall holder. Plum was very taken with some Goddess tealight holders and anything with a faerie on it – but it was the goddess items she wanted to go back and see again.  Once they’d satisfied themselves that they’d seen everything of interest, they went outside and played whilst I chatted with Stonelaughter for a bit.

And then we were on our way home again, chatting about tomorrow’s activities (including deciding on what everyone is wearing – it’s a full-time job keeping all their club outfits clean and ready for classes) and more relaxing with activities of their choice until I make tea.

Today has been a much-needed restful day.

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