Home Ed Blog Challenge – Day 3

Saturday started faaaaar earlier than any Saturday should be allowed to. Plum has a 9am lesson at the Razzamataz Theatre School on Saturdays and usually I take her and sit in the atrium outside getting some work done whilst I wait. This morning I had to take the boys along too, because Stonelaughter has a stall at the Mansfield Mind, Body and Spirit Show this weekend, selling the Native American style flutes that he makes.

The plan was that we would take advantage of the free wi-fi there and Bean could do some coding practice whilst PK planned to do some maths. Unfortunately, there was no wi-fi this morning(!), so the boys abandoned those plans – Bean played Pokemon on his phone and PK played Trainyard Express.


After the lesson, I whisked the kids off for breakfast – there was no milk and no bread at home this morning so we went out. PK ordered “a bacon butty” and then for some reason ate the bread and ketchup and left the bacon (which he’s loved to this point), although Bean happily hoovered that up along with his own sausage sandwich. I swear the boy has hollow legs!

Back home then to a little project I set the kids. We are planning on turning my old office/studio (a fairly large shed with loads of storage units/shelves, craft materials, a huge desk, loads of clutter and too many spiders) into a home ed space – our house is small and there’s not room to do much in the way of “sit down at a table and work on something” activities – by which I do not mean worksheets and workbooks, but art, projects, things that take space … and having just decorated the front room, I am not keen to allow paints etc back in!


So, I asked the kids to create a mood board of what they would like this space to look like. Having explained the concept, Bean and Plum sat down at the laptop collecting pictures of equipment, furniture, storage solutions …. PK made one suggestion – he wants a number line in the shed and then went off to play. Bean was happy to collect images and print them out but was not interested in making the board and went out to play with his friends. Plum was happy to be given free rein over making the board, and happily got on with it, although PK made sure he got to stick on his number line in pride of place.

It’s nice to see what they’ve come up with – they want a round table, not square or rectangular, and like the idea of using cups and tins to store pens. They want a globe, a planetarium (and a number line!), as well as lots of paints and clay. They want it bright and colourful and filled with possibility, but not filled with set exercises and worksheets. They want all the materials to create things, without being constrained. Which, for us, is kind of the point!


Once she’d finished that, Plum wanted to have a go at a craft we’ve been discussing for a while. She wanted to make those little wool nest baubles, and I’d bought some water balloons and saved my off-cuts of yarn for this. We got set up, and she made a start, but soon realised it was going to be more effort than she’d anticipated (isn’t that always the way with things you see on Pinterest?) and decided to check for eggs (3!) and watch TV instead!

We’re having a lazy afternoon (what’s left of it) and evening, and I’m trying to store up some energy so that I might be able to suggest taking the kids swimming tomorrow.

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