Home Ed Blog Challenge – Day 2

Day two and the lateness of this post tells you how busy it’s been.

The day started with copious amounts of coffee (for me) before driving Bean and Plum to their Home Ed horse riding group half an hour away. I dropped them off at the stables for the two-hour session where they learn to ride, and care for the horses. Then took PK to a coffee shop a couple of minutes away, where we go for our “Cake Date” on riding group days. 


Lined up with a drink and a gingerbread man, PK then spent an hour on Reading Eggs, pausing to chat and watch the birds outside once in a while. There are toys at the coffee shop too, and I always remind him that he can stop any time if he would rather play, but today he was keen to keep going on his reading, which is coming along nicely. We’re set up nicely for making the most of the times like this. My laptop is touch screen and has tablet mode, making it easy for the younger two to use their various programmes and apps when we’re out and about. And we have a EE dongle with a decent data allowance so we’re not troubled by the lack of wi-fi. It certainly helps with HE since we’re not actually at home a lot of the time!


Whilst he did that, I crocheted. I started making a lacy top for myself, and it’s quite a straightforward design, which meant I could happily do that and chat to PK at the same time, pausing to drink my cappuccino and eat my gluten free carrot cake (though PK helped himself to quite a lot of that too!).

Riding days become a mad dash after this. PK and I go back to the stables to collect Bean and Plum at 12.30pm, and then I attempt the impossible and drive them all home and chuck them all quickly out of the car (not literally!) where Stonelaughter is waiting. I then drive to the sports centre for my aquaerobics session which starts at 1pm. Inevitably, I meet every ditherer and slow coach on the roads and miss the warm up for the aqua session. Mercifully, the session was running a couple of minutes late and I made it into the water before the warm up had finished.


Then it was home again for something to eat; a chat about plans for a dedicated home ed space at home; supervising the kids in their various activities – variously reading, maths, computer games and chores; booking and paying for a new class that Bean has asked to go for – Home Ed tennis group; and finally taking Plum to her swimming lesson.

I’m exhausted!

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One comment on “Home Ed Blog Challenge – Day 2

  1. All the very best educators start the day with copious amounts of coffee. ☕️ lol

    Sounds like a good time was had by all. 🙂

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