Home Ed Blog Challenge – Day 1

Now and again, I’ve written a blog post about our home education journey. Typically, I think, when you write a post like that once in a while, you end writing about a particularly good day or activity. And because you’re not writing about it regularly, it’s easy to see a rosy picture that makes it look like this is your home ed provision every day.

Well, here’s where I’m about to come unstuck. There’s a Home Ed bloggers’ challenge to write about home ed for seven consecutive days. Ouch. It’s not a fixed date, just when (if) you choose to do it. I was tempted to do it but thought I would leave it until I’m not so busy with work. But being a self-employed crochet artist, this is a busy time of year, and it would mean putting it off until next year (and if I’m honest, I’ve already put it off since this time last year). Which might mean it never gets done. 

So, about that rosy picture of Home Ed. You’re about to see what Home Ed really looks like in this house. The highs and the lows and lazy days. Before you read it all (which you can’t do until I’ve written it, obviously!), just promise me one thing – just remember that all three of my children are ahead of those silly academic milestones for their age/year group etc. So if you read and think we do little, it’s a very effective little. They are excelling, if you choose to gauge them using the government’s measuring stick.


I’m writing this as Bean is multitasking – watching a video on You Tube and playing Toybox Turbos on Xbox at his younger brother’s request – bored of losing, PK handed over the controller and asked Bean to beat the Boss. Earlier today, PK did some maths but he seems generally content to play today. Plum has taken the iPad up to her room to make a video; she’s been recording herself singing “Princess Things” from Sophia the First, which she’s dancing to in her dance show next month. Her nursery class did a Sophia the First inspired dance in last year’s show. This year she’s in the next class up and the Sophia dance is one of four she’s doing. She’s very excited and asks daily if she can wear the costumes hanging in the wardrobe. Before making her video she’d already done loads of maths today and only reluctantly took a break for lunch. Bean has lazed today but will be doing some maths and coding later.


I have to admit to letting things slide the last couple of days; insomnia has come to visit me again and after not managing to sleep til gone 5am for the third night (morning?) running, I haven’t pushed the issue of work with any of them; I’m just too tired. I’m saving my energy for getting PK to his swimming lesson later.

It’s not always like this, I promise!

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