End of an Era

A friend and I made a difficult decision yesterday. We’ve been grappling with it all Summer, but ran out of procrastination time and had to jump one way or the other. We decided to close the home education group we’ve led every week.



When the group started, I wasn’t running it and we went along for the fun activities and the much-needed social aspect it offered the children. After six months, with a new baby on the way, the couple running it decided to step away and I took over the reigns with another home ed Mum. We ran it for another six or seven months before my friend came on board to help. About two months later, the other home ed Mum stepped away. We’ve run it since then for another few months, but we’ve both run out of steam too. It’s hard work.


The group ran for two hours each week, with another hour needed for setting up and clearing up, and another hour in travelling to get to the venue. Four hours, plus planning, preparation, sourcing resources, admin … it all adds up.  And you can do that for so long, before you need to pull away. My children have taken up many different activities over the last six months and those four to eight hours a week taken by the group have been hard to find. Such is the way with home education; things change as children’s interests change and you can go with the flow. It’s a shame for the group, but my family and my friend’s family will benefit from having that time back.


It’s not all bad news though. We reckon this freedom from the weekly group will reawaken our creativity and we can plan some great one-off sessions that people will enjoy. I think we’d rather do that than push on with a weekly group when our hearts aren’t in it. The group would certainly suffer that way.


Now the decision is made, I feel tremendously relieved about it, like a weight’s been lifted. Life is a game of constantly juggling priorities, and I know that prioritising the activities my children have chosen, my sanity and things I want to do for myself is the right decision.

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