Who’s Not in School?

I’ve just read the bedtime story; it was a book called Who’s Not in School?, about Little Harry and his siblings who are home educated.

I bought it on a whim a couple of days ago, because Plum has said a couple of times that she doesn’t know why she doesn’t go to school, and she thinks she might like to. All of her friends at dancing go to school, of course. And so do the boys in her swimming class. I thought a story about home educated children might help settle her a bit.


I don’t think it’s helped that some things we normally go to haven’t been on over the summer – the home ed group we run has been on holiday – Leah and I both needed a break! The HE horse riding lessons have been intermittent too. They only run once a fortnight and with the instructors being on holiday for one session, and the children being away for the next, it’s been a long while since the last one.

Over the next couple of weeks, things start back in earnest – home ed gymnastics, our home ed group, the horse riding was back on yesterday. I think she will settle again, and remember that actually, she loves being home educated.

So, back to the story. It turns out that the children in the book are not unlike the children in this family. Little Harry (PK) likes to get up to lots of adventures (mischief), Lucy (Plum) like to draw and write. Jake (Bean), the older brother, sits at his computer to do his maths and likes to cook. Both Plum and PK thought this was amazing. So to, the HE group the three characters went to, where they did experiments about volcanoes – we did exactly this in one of our recent sessions at our group!

It’s a lovely little book, showing in a short space of time what a variety of things home educated children can access, and how many friends they have. In the book, they go to their HE group, on a HE field trip and to the HE swimming session, as well as doing activities at home with Mum or Dad. There’s also a bit of information at the back of the book about the legalities of Home Education and where to get more info.

I’m so very glad I decided to buy the book, and its follow-up, The Wrong Adventure. I think Plum and PK are going to love reading about what this family get up to, and I hope there are more adventures for Harry, Lucy and Jake to come.

You can buy the books from Bird’s Nest Books, and there is free UK shipping throughout September.

I have not been asked to write this review, and have received no payment for it. I bought the books myself, and simply wanted to share the info with other HE families.

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  1. Thanks so much for the delightful review! I’m so very heartened to read your positive feedback on ‘Who’s Not In School’ and to know it’s doing the job I set out for it to do – to give home ed children a story about a family who learned just like them! Wishing you all the very best with your home education. Hope you have as much fun as we did! x

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