A couple of months ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The nurse I’ve been seeing asked if I would like to see a nutritionist to help get my head round dietary changes and I jumped at the chance. Combining diabetes-friendly food with gluten free food can[…]

Organisation. I’d like to think it’s my strong point, but I know it isn’t. I can carry off the organised look sometimes, when it counts, even though I’m kicking frantically under the water. I’m often disorganised though, and that stems from my inability to remember things.   I[…]

If you speak to (almost all) home educating parents, they will almost certainly tell you that they have had a wobble at some time or other about their decision to home educate. Some will tell you they have them regularly. For most I suspect it’s not actually about[…]

Grrrrrr. I buy many of my headscarves from the US. The company I buy them from sources them from all over the world and they choose ones that can be wrapped in the way needed for headscarves. I can buy patterned scarves easily in the UK, and so[…]

It’s that time of year again and my anxiety rears its head like clockwork. That might seem strange since I don’t have to get any children sorted for the new term, and I’m no longer getting myself sorted for a new term. If only it were that easy. It’s[…]

When the girls arrived, we thought we knew what the pecking order would be. Ethel, who looked the healthiest would take the top spot and poor Doris with her pale floppy comb and bald head would be at the bottom, everyone’s whipping boy.. errr…girl. For the first week,[…]