Yarn Along: Women, Wolves and Rugs

I recently discovered a weekly blog-along where participants share details of their current crochet or knitting project, as well as what they are currently reading. I stumbled on it just as I was nearing the end of a major project and starting re-reading a book that’s very important to me. Perfect timing, I think.  And so, here I go, joining in the Yarn Along for the first time.

Current crochet project:

To be honest, I always have several WiPs on the go at once. This is especially true if I am working on one or more freeform pieces – I seem to need to drop one project and pick up another to keep the creative inspiration going to the end of each one. When I’m not freeforming, I am less scattered amongst projects, but still have a few things on the go – what I will work on depends on my mood, health, ability to concentrate etc. Just recently though, I have been unusually single-minded and stuck to one project most of the time. 

I started this rug almost a month ago – I took a box of 5 large rolls of Hoooked Zpagetti on holiday to Devon with us, and by the end of our week, I’d whipped up a rectangular rug in purple, pink and green stripes – the colours of our new sofa (purple) and the accent colours on cushions (green and pink). I loved working on it, but unfortunately, once I’d finished it, I realised that I didn’t actually like it. What I had created was serviceable as a rug but it wasn’t pretty and in no way did it represent all the hard work (my poor hands!) that had gone into crocheting 600 metres of stretch cotton fabric. And so I frogged it. All of it. That in itself took two nights.

The finished rug, which was frogged almost as soon as it was finished

The finished rug, which was frogged almost as soon as I’d finished it

And I started again. This time, a circular rug, made to a pattern that had pretty details in it. The pattern was for a rug 60cm in diameter – much too small for what I wanted – and so I did extra  pattern repeats until it was big enough. I miscalculated and it rippled throughout my extra repeats and no amount of blocking was going to help. Frogged again.

And then it got put away whilst I painted my living room, ordered new carpets and blinds, waited for the new carpets to go in, and then finally I was able to get on with the rug again. I did the same pattern, with the same repeats, but paid closer attention to the numbers this time and hurrah! I have finished it, just in the last hour as I write this. I have woven in all the many ends (the ones that didn’t get crocheted over at least) and now it just needs blocking. I’ll be checking the weather forecast, because it’s going to need blocking on my lawn!

The finished, much prettier rug.

The finished, much prettier rug, awaiting blocking.

It’s done, I’m happy. I can’t wait for the new sofas to arrive so it all goes together nicely.

Current book:

This week I started to re-read a book I was given 21 years ago, by my Mum, on my 21st birthday. Fifteen years or so later Stonelaughter, unaware that I had this book, bought it for me having researched it and decided it was exactly the book I needed. He was right.

Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes is a book about connecting again with Wild Woman, the spiritual self in all women. I find this book so empowering, and so centering and it helps me connect again with… well, what? Wild Woman? Certainly, but for me it also helps to reconnect with Goddess, within and without. Gaia, Artemis, Mahala – all aspects of the same, as is Wild Woman.

Women, Wolves and a rug

Women, Wolves and a rug

With such a hectic schedule, I’ve only managed a couple of chapters this week, but that’s OK. I am going to take my time reading it again. It’s not to be rushed; spiritual reconnection has to be allowed all the time it needs. And in those moments where I get to be slower, quieter, able to concentrate on reading, delving into this book feels like a connection in itself. A spiritual treat and some much needed “me” time, to be savoured whenever the opportunity arises.

What have you been creating and reading this week?

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