Last year, before my blog break, we were a happy family of five. Two adults, three children and all was well.  A little over a week ago, we became a larger family … a family of ten. The children have been desperate for pets and after many discussions[…]

OK, so it’s a while since I posted one of these. Alright, it’s months since I posted one of these.  The last one was in December, and in case you were wondering, it was the mousepad from my laptop and there were no right answers. I win! So, sorry[…]

Stonelaughter and I have had membership to Amazon Prime for years now. On purpose. To be fair, we rarely use Amazon for books but it comes in handy for a wealth of other things that we can’t get locally. Prime has saved us a fair amount of money over the[…]

…from Outer Space … Well, OK, I didn’t spend any time on space travel but I did need to be gone from the blog for a while. It was all going so well and then as usual, I put pressure on myself to do too much and something[…]