I know, I’ve been AWOL again – time and health got in the way, but I will make an effort to write more regularly again. SO last time I wrote about one of new additions, Cinnamon, who had broken a leg and was in isolation, on bedrest, with[…]

So last week was a nice easy one for you, and lots of people got the right answer, which was (of course) …. pine cone! Shout out to David from David Williams Photography for being the first in with that answer. Who will steal the glory this week?

A nice easy one last week; plenty of you took the running theme of our new gerbils and guessed it was their bedding – shredded junk mail! (Since last week though, we’ve changed that and they now have a tank full of peat to play in). Wendy from[…]

So you remember those gerbils I told you about. The lovely little baby gerbils that we’ve had for all of 3 weeks (if that)?   There’s been a bit of a calamity. One of them, the most adventurous one, has broken her leg. We noticed when we got[…]

We had one correct answer to last week’s picture, but it didn’t appear in the comments here; it was over on the Facebook page. It was a wheel from our gerbil cage 🙂 What do you make of this one?

Today was one of those days. A day when we had to do something we never wanted to do, when we had to be one of those parents. We had to say no to a friendship. I won’t go into details about what prompted this course of action.[…]