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A couple of months ago, I saw an advert on Preloved which said someone had a large amount of yarn odds and ends that they would like to find a new home for. For free. I immediately answered to say I would love to take it.

We messaged back and forth for a while trying to arrange a suitable time for me to collect and about a week ago, I went to collect it.

I expected a few carrier bags full if I’m honest, but when I got there, there were about ten bin liners full, as well as a couple of boxes which were also full. We sorted through it all together, pulled out some which the lady wanted to keep, condensed some bags and then loaded what I was taking into my car. All six bin liners full!

Since I hadn’t been expecting this much, I hadn’t emptied the car out before I went, so I ended up feeling like I was surrounded by yarn – three on the back seat, amongst the children’s car seats and the huge stack of parcels I had to drop off, two squashed into the boot, on top of half a forest which the kids had collected, and one on the front seat.

2015-05-04 08.48.13

It was wet when I got back home, so it all stayed in the car until the next day when the sun was shining and I could sort out what I actually had. I tipped it all out and sorted through, bagging it in our collection of carrier bags (the bags it came in were old, dusty and in some cases, disintergrating!), sorting by vague colour.

2015-05-04 09.06.42


I suspect it is going to take me an awful long time to get through this lot. It is mainly odds and ends, although there are reasonable amounts of several yarns. However, I don’t intend to make any of it into clothes or accessories – the majority of this will go into the artwork I’ve been making using yarn. More on that later!

A couple of days later, I was also given a huge amount of mohair in some truly amazing colours. I’ve given some of it to a friend, and I have plans for the rest. It’s already been used for a couple of brooches and has gone into a piece of art I’m working on at the moment. 

I hadn’t fully appreciated how difficult this can be to work with, so I can’t imagine I will be using it in huge amounts in any one project!  Here’s the first brooch I made with it:


mohair heart

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