Tough Decisions: Election Sweets

Stonelaughter and I popped along to the local pub when he had finished work, taking the children with us, the local pub being where our polling station is situated. Bean is always interested in going along with us to vote – he finds the whole thing incredibly interesting and pays a great deal of attention to what the various parties promise. Tonight, he will go to bed and then get up at 2am tomorrow to watch the results come in.

Plum was quite excited, if a little unsure what it was all about. We told her we were helping choose who would run the country for us. She interpreted this to mean we were deciding who would buy the sweets from now on. Oh, to be four years old!

Imagine her delight then, when we arrived to collect our voting papers and there was a selection of sweets on the table – and the ladies behind the desk told the children that they could choose whichever they wanted! There were five types of sweets, and from the amount of thought both Bean and Plum gave to their choice, you would think the future of the government rested on their decision!

Which got me to thinking … five types of sweets, five candidates … I wondered, were the sweets a secret poll to try and second guess how people were voting?


Nakd Nibbles, Wine Gums, Werther’s Original, Fruit Pastilles and Mint Imperials … did they correlate to our candidates who were standing on behalf of (in no particular order) Labour, Conservative, LidDem, UKIP and Justice for Men and Boys (don’t worry if you’ve never heard of this last one – we’re the only consituency in the country, to the best of my knowledge, to have the “honour” of having a candidate for this party, due to our seat being decided by a mere 192 votes in 2010. He is, in my opinion, a deluded idiot).

Anyway … how would you divy these sweets up among the parties? What does my children’s choice say about them, their politics … and my politics? Do I need to worry?

By the way, if there is a correlation, if their sweet choice means anything, then we’re heading for a 3 way coalition; unable to choose, my children took a mint imperial, a wine gum and Werther’s each. Stonelaughter and I each chose a pastille.

What have we done?

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  1. I like your analogy. Good for you to teach your children the importance of voting.

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