Sometimes, Being a Parent Really Sucks

Today was one of those days. A day when we had to do something we never wanted to do, when we had to be one of those parents. We had to say no to a friendship.

I won’t go into details about what prompted this course of action. Bean, when he left school, had few friends. He struck a friendship with a boy who lived in the next street. They became best friends.

We were a bit uneasy about it from the start, but didn’t want to choose Bean’s friends for him. This boy was four years older, which worried us a bit, but mentally he was more on a par with Bean, probably younger in fact, so we let it go ahead.

It was fine, for the most part. There were occasional issues about attitude that Bean learnt from the older boy, but these were dealt with. They played football, and Subbuteo and Harry Potter and it was fine.

There inevitably came a point though when the older boy’s interests developed into areas we didn’t want Bean going at 9 years old. Probably fairly healthy for a 13 year old, not so for Bean.

And so the time came to be a grown up and tell Bean that it wasn’t a good idea for them to spend time together any more. Well, we had to do a bit more than that, and tell him they won’t be spending time together any more. 

We’ve just taken his best friend away and it sucks. It hurts as a parent to do that to your child. He’s grieving for a friendship and we feel responsible.

Sometimes, being a grown up is crap. Very crap.

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