Prime (d) and Ready

Stonelaughter and I have had membership to Amazon Prime for years now. On purpose.

To be fair, we rarely use Amazon for books but it comes in handy for a wealth of other things that we can’t get locally. Prime has saved us a fair amount of money over the years. The price has been creeping up though, and now it’s around triple the price it was when we first got it.

The reason for the latest price hike is the introduction of Prime Instant Video, something which we haven’t bothered with until recently. It’s a streaming service like many others out there, although I’ve no idea how it compares to others, since we haven’t tried any. We only started using this one because we thought we ought to try and get our money’s worth.

The first thing we watched was the last series of Ripper Street, which was definitely worth the wait. Having seen it, it’s hard to see how the story could have ended before this series, as the BBC would have had it.

Following recommendations from Amazon, we watched series 1 and 2 of Whitechapel and were hooked. So we were a little dismayed to find that series 3 was not included in Prime and we had to pay for it on top of our Prime membership.
We’re currently working our way through Lie to Me, with Tim Roth (my new celebrity crush, but that’s another story). I’d seen it advertised on TV and it hadn’t appealed, but we decided to watch it and are now firmly hooked. 

my new crush!

my new crush!

I love that we can stream an episode each night from my laptop to our TV (via ChromeCast).

There are niggles though. There’s much more available on Amazon Instant Video than Prime Instant Video. I’d naively thought that having paid a small fortune to be Prime members, we’d have access to the whole streaming catalogue at Amazon, but no. They reserve most things for Instant Video, an additional paid-as-you go streaming service. No like.

But anyway, this is basically a rambling post to mention that I really like watching Tim Roth and I wish more of his work was available on Prime. Are you listening Amazon?

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