What Am I?

Last week’s picture definitely had you stumped. We had a variety of answers, but it was in fact part of a door chain!

This week is very easy, I think!  What Am I?

2014-11-18 23.53.57

Huge shout out next week to the first right answer!  And even if you don’t know, have a guess – it makes my day to see you taking part 🙂

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12 comments on “What Am I?

  1. The first thing that came to mind: A fish, or snake skin?

  2. It’s a python!! Or somebody’s very expensive boots.

  3. I’m so terrible with this. I think it’s snake skin too haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  4. Snake!
    Happy WW!

  5. Goodness I dont have any idea! A curtain?

  6. stevebethere on said:

    A blurry photo?

    No serious I have no idea 🙁

  7. I’m think it is part of a football or something.

  8. Looks like something i’m afraid of – Snake?

  9. snake skin? a purse??

  10. I have no idea. I’ll wait until next week to find out. I agree that it is a blurry photo.

  11. Well I like Casica will wait, I dont have a clue.

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