What Am I?

Last week’s seemed to really confuse some people but I thought it was going to be easy. It was the handle of a drawer (an IKEA handle if that makes a difference!). Deb, who guessed over on Facebook, was the one with the right answer.

What do you make of this one? What Am I?

2014-11-03 15.14.44


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11 comments on “What Am I?

  1. Hi Nicola, weeeee, thanks for posting early to get a jump on Wednesday and being my Co-Host for November!!

    And again you have me stumped on your mystery part. One of these days.

  2. Hello sweet lady! Thank you for hosting such a fabulous party. I love stopping by. I hope you get a chance to swing by our party. We would really appreciate it. http://loulougirls.blogspot.com
    Happy Tuesday! Lou Lou Girl

  3. I’m guessing that it is a plate for fruits 🙂

  4. Is this part of a car door? I have a linky too and I hope you can join as well =)

  5. Is it a child safety gate?

  6. I think it might be a laundry basket or Rhonda is right and it’s a baby gate.

  7. This week I have no idea at all…
    Happy Wordless Wednesday! 🙂

  8. I have no idea what that is! Happy Wordless Wednesday! The bottom of your shoe?

  9. queenmommyjen on said:

    I had no idea what it was until you told us and then it was perfectly obvious, too funny!!

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