Peas in a Pod

I have three children who all look very much alike – or at least they have looked very much alike at the stages of their life. On the days they were born they all looked alike. Looking back at photos, Stonelaughter can only tell who is who by what they are wearing!

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Plum and PK have very much the same look, and being quite close in age, it’s more evident than their similarities with Bean. They look alike, laugh alike, speak alike, have the same mannerisms …

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Sometimes though, you get a flash of how alike your children are that comes out of the blue. We recently spent a few days with Stonelaughter’s parents and he snapped some photos of the children as they played in the garden. One of them, of PK, gave us all a rush of nostalgia – an almost identical photo was taken of Bean about 8 years ago (he was slightly younger then that PK is now, but the stance, if not the facial expression, was identical).

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I can’t wait to see how each of their personalities develops as they all get older.

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2 comments on “Peas in a Pod

  1. They both have very similar looks on their faces too x

  2. OH wow, they really do look like each other! Love the picture of them asleep in bed, adorable x

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