What Am I?

Last week’s picture brought some unusual answers, but none of them were correct – it was of course, a hair clip! So obvious once you know, right? 

And for this week, an easier one for you …. What Am I?

What Am I?

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10 comments on “What Am I?

  1. Plastic clothespin is my guess as well. I briefly thought ribbon candy, but then realised they are clipped to something

  2. I guess it’s part of a kiddy swing?

  3. I think Ai and Deborah both guessed it.

  4. I have no idea!! My goodness this is going to bother me!

  5. I really have NO IDEA…good one!

  6. One of those bead coaster kiddie toys?

  7. I agree with both Ai and Deborah. I’m sure that they have guessed correctly.

  8. I’d go with Dominique’s guess. 🙂
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!