Home Ed Day at RAF Cosford

StonelaughterToday I have a guest post ….. from my husband Stonelaughter! This is the first of two he’s written about some home ed activities he and the children took part in. Over to him ….




RAF Cosford

Bean and I went to RAF Cosford museum for their home-ed event “All About Flight” which was a multi-themed event giving an appreciation of the principles and history of Flight and even some ballistics!

When we got there, we were greeted by a friendly team who broke us all up into four groups, and rotated us around the four activities. We also unexpectedly met up with some friends from our local Home Ed group and it was great for the boys to spend some more time together.

We were led away to the first activity which was “Build a paper aeroplane” – doesn’t sound much but they managed to make it exciting and fun as well as interesting! We followed the team’s design and made our planes, which were then launched using a small launching machine – ensuring we all got the same chance of a good flight. Some of the planes dived, some swooped off to the side, and some flew straight as a die. Bean’s plane swooped upwards and right, about 15 feet in the air, and went over the top of an aircraft wing in the hangar! It was the best-flying plane there 🙂

Next we went off to another hangar to see some exhibits which showed the effects of the principles of flight, and also a sit in, and play with the controls of, an RAF Jet Provost. Bean loved the experiments and played a lot with the various objects. During this activity we also got to go into the 4D Simulator and the Flight Simulator – both of which played movies and gave the feeling of being “in” the movie. I preferred the “Flight Simulator” which actually moved as if you were in the aircraft and was a trip with the Red Arrows. Bean was by now in his element; really passionate about flight and how it worked – and loved sitting in the Jet Provost.

Sitting in the cockpit at RAF Cosford

After lunch, we moved onto a “Ballistics” activity which had us building a rocket body which we fired using compressed air across the hangar – Bean shouting “firing!!!” as he pushed the buttons. He didn’t go the furthest but it went straight and he was pleased with it. We then added fins to the back end and saw that they helped with direction.

Then what was for me the very best part of the day; we got to clamber all over a Lockheed C130 Mk C.3 Hercules and discover various interesting facts and figures about it. Bean sat in the Flight Engineer’s seat in the cockpit and soaked up loads of information about the aircraft and its RAF role.

flight engineer at RAF Cosford

After we’d finished the programmed activities, they allowed us to walk around the museum under our own steam and have a look at the huge array of aircraft and other exhibits including (non-live) nuclear weapons! Bean stood with the Avro Lincoln which looks like a bigger version of the WW2 Lancaster, and under the Vulcan, Valiant and Victor.

Lincoln at RAF Cosford

When we finally headed off home, we were very tired, happy boys and had a LOT to talk about. Thanks to Becky Taylor of the Museum at RAF Cosford staff for organising the event (and us) and hosting what I believe was a very successful event.

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2 comments on “Home Ed Day at RAF Cosford

  1. We love places like this so much fun for the kids.x

  2. Aww it’s nice to hear abut a day out from the dad side. Looks like fab day and it’s great they split people up so that everyone could have a good go at the activities x

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