A Chef in the Making – Bean takes a Cooking Course

I’ve been meaning to write about this for ages, but life got in the way, as it has a habit of doing (and as you may have noticed from the lack of posts last week. Sorry, we were here, there and everywhere having a great time. No time to write though!)

During the Summer, Bean attended a cooking course called Farm to Fork, run by one of the big supermarkets. They were running them all over the country, at selected stores, aimed at several different ages groups. I managed to get Bean booked on one half an hour’s drive away. We had no idea what to expect, since these were free courses, but we were very pleasantly surprised.

farm to fork cooking course


The course was three days long, and ran for two hours each day. I dropped Bean off and signed him in, and collected him at the end. He loved it. By the end of day two, he wanted to be a chef!

Each child was given their own Farm to Fork cotton apron to keep, and the decorated paper chef hats to wear too. The course looked at healthy eating and showed them how to make several different healthy dishes, from baked fruit kebabs to flat breads and chicken biryani!  Each day, they made a meal, and a pudding and then sat down together to eat the fruits of their labour. They also brought home a recipe book packed with recipes and lots of ingredients to make the dishes at home.

chef - farm to fork cooking course

Bean has made several of the meals at home – without any assistance. The course gave him lots of confidence, as he was shown how to cook safely.

pasta dish - the results of day one of the cooking course

It even covered how to make a healthy pot noodle, with fresh vegetables, stock and dried noodles. He really liked that idea!

Anything that encourages children into the kitchen to cook healthy food has to be a good thing, I think. Bean was already quite interested in cooking, and has a good understanding of healthy eating, but it was definitely good for him to be able to go and do some cooking without me. We plan to continue his forays into the kitchen, and since he is keen to, I will be letting him cook the family meals from time to time too!

I think they said this was the first year they had run the courses, but I hope the feedback they got from parents and children was good enough that they will consider running them again next year. I would love Plum to go on one when she’s old enough (I think the lower age limit was 5). It was a perfect activity to keep some educational input into the summer.


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2 comments on “A Chef in the Making – Bean takes a Cooking Course

  1. he is super cute and bless him, such a good idea for him as it makes him more involved when it comes to cooking at home! x

  2. i am glad that your son was able to do this course. It sounds like he really enjoyed himself and that it has inspired him to cook at home. Cooking is an essential skill and it is good that tesco is providing courses like this. I will look into something like this when my son is older. The pasta he made looks yummy 🙂 thanks.

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