Our Home Ed Week

We seem to be properly back in the swing of things now and have been cracking on with lots of learning this week.

Bean has got back into his maths and is reading as much as he always does. He picked his new research topic last week, and decided that he wanted to learn about Leonardo da Vinci. I’m really pleased with this choice – there’s so much to explore. He’s decided to concentrate on his inventions first, and we’ve started with the Aerial Screw. We’ve also dabbled in code writing and Bean is creating a scrapbook of his research.


This week we also signed him up for two online courses offered by universities (but aimed at learners of all ages). One will see us carrying out science experiments together and the other is all about football, although that one doesn’t start til next month, when the Science course has finished. They seem perfect for home ed!

Our local meetups with other home ed families have started again too, and he spent a couple of hours larking around in a local swimming pool with some new friends at the end of last week, as well as returning to Cubs and joining a football club. 

Not to be outdone by her big brother, Plum has been working on her reading. She’s really got back into Reading Eggs and in the last week has gone from knowing a few sight words, to reading a sentence all on her own to reading a short book! She is very excited by this turn of events, and so are we.

Plum only ever “works” when she asks to – she’s not four yet and so I don’t feel any pressure to have her reading, writing, counting or anything else. But she loves to learn, so she’s also been doing some independent learning – counting and adding with worksheets, and discovering that she can write the digits from 0-9. More celebrations all round!

2014-09-24 13.32.10

PK has begun coming to sit with us when Plum plays on Reading Eggs – he likes to watch the animations and is able to recognise one or two letters. Mostly he just laughs at the antics of the characters.

It’s a welcome return to some order – we’re not at all structured, but it’s nice to have the children making the decision to keep the TV switched off and learn together instead.

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3 comments on “Our Home Ed Week

  1. Great choice of topic in Leonardo da Vinci! The university courses are a really good idea too x

  2. I love your enthusiasm for teaching your children. It must affect them in such a positive way. And the youngest is picking up that enthusiasm from his siblings. Well done.

  3. I love this idea of homeed . I can’t wait untill my toddler starts paying interest in things

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