What Am I?

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10 comments on “What Am I?

  1. Screwdriver!

  2. Phillips head screwdriver! 😉

  3. Phillips head screwdriver

  4. I’m going with the crowd here – phillips head screwdriver.

  5. It looks like a drill bit to me.. from a electric drill.

  6. I think a Phillips screw driver. Thanks for keeping us stumped. I love your What am I Posts!! Thanks for stopping by to share this week

  7. It looks like a phillips head screwdriver!

  8. I was going to say it was an ancient arrowhead, but having read the other comments I guess it is a phillips screwdriver!

  9. A phillips head screwdriver is my only guess.

  10. A phillips screwdriver – for sure! 🙂
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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