Great British Bake Off – A Few Thoughts

This isn’t a deep, awe-inspiring post, so if you’re looking for inspiration over your cornflakes, then I apologise. It’s just some thoughts that have been running around my head about the Great British Bake Off and I need to give them life. I’ve avoided comment on Dianagate and the ice cream debacle. But some things cannot be left unsaid.


Like …Princess cakes. Why? Complicated, stressful and not particularly appetising looking by the end of it. This seems to be a bit of a theme with technical challenges – the Charlotte Royal and floating islands from last series being great examples. And as for Paul’s mini pear pies …. if you have time in your life to parcel poached pears in puff pastry then please get in touch – I will happily supply you with a list of worthy causes for whom you could do some voluntary work.


 I would still love to see a properly gluten free episode too. The “free from” episode last series was a bit of a cop out really. Let’s see the contestants (and the judges) master something that would usually contain gluten – brilliant cakes, wonderful breads, pastries (gluten free pastry is another thing that often resides in the “life’s too short” category for me).


So there you are … I told you it wasn’t earth-shattering stuff 😉

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6 comments on “Great British Bake Off – A Few Thoughts

  1. Maybe not earth shattering but it certainly gave me a giggle… Especially the part about the pear recipe. How pointless and ultimately a waste of time if you ask me! I’d rather they produce something that actually half fills the plate instead of simply decorating it! Great post!xx

  2. can I hold up my hands and say I have not watched any episodes recently? Shocking I know.

  3. I think you make a fair point here. Part of the problem is that the programme wants to challenge the contestants, so they’re having to become more and more obscure in search of recipes and styles of baking that they won’t be familiar with. But the problem with that is that the viewer is unlikely to be familiar with them too. I like baking, and I like TGBBO, but the last couple of weeks I never even heard of the cakes they’re making. They look like far too much faff so I don’t finish watching feeling inspired, except maybe to make a really simple loaf cake or something. Possibly that’s the point!

  4. Exactly the thoughts I had when I saw them mummyfying the pears – why bother?

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