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This Parenting Lark linkyHow’s your week been? We’re getting back in the swing of things after the summer break – our groups have all started back up, and we’ve joined some new ones, so there’s plenty going on.

This month, we seem to be “welcoming” the terrible twos, courtesy of 21 month old PK. Getting his own way is top of his list of priorities, and his methods of trying to achieve this include hitting, shouting (“Noooooooooooooo”, “Want it”), high pitched squealing and throwing himself on the floor. 

Oh, how we’ve missed this phase. It doesn’t seem that long since Plum left this phase and PK is following firmly in her footsteps. It doesn’t really concern me at the moment – when we got to this stage with Plum it was dreadful; Bean sailed through without many visits from the Tantrum Troll, and so we were taken by surprise when the Troll visited almost hourly with Plum.

We’re not there with PK at the moment and his tantrums are easily ignored so far. Let’s hope it stays that way!

On the other hand, his speech continues to come on in leaps and bounds and he’s making us giggle every day with his new found phrases. He’s also developed an almost pathological liking for Plum’s Iggle Piggle toy this week, for no apparent reason. The resulting power struggles are “interesting” to watch!

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Happy Parenting!

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2 comments on “This Parenting Lark Link Up

  1. We have been experiencing some temper tantrums this week too, but this morning she has come out in a cold so perhaps that why she is being grumpy! Oh the joys! xxx

  2. I am under the impression that they never quite leave the terrible two but that might just be down to my parenting skills (or lack of :D) .

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