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We’re slowing getting back into our stride with home education after a break over the summer. We hadn’t intended to take much of a break over the summer, but that’s just things turned out.

This week, Bean has been somewhat reluctant to do anything resembling work. On the other hand, Plum has been chomping at the bit to get going and her subject of choice has been maths.

We’ve focussed on number bonds this week. I wondered if it might be a bit ambitious for a three (almost four) year old, but she was getting on OK with it. I’m glad we bought the counting blocks (now known as Buddy Blocks) a couple of months ago. They have really helped her visualise what numbers look like and make the number bonds make sense. I was really impressed by how quickly she grasped it. We used the blocks in conjunction with Khan Academy, answering the questions on number bonds by using the blocks to visualise the questions.

She’s three though, so realistically, I expect her to forget some or all of it as easily as she picked it up. I thought some visual reminders that she could see around the place would help retain some of her new found knowledge and so I decided to see what resources I could find. I headed to the website I used for resources for Bean’s World Cup project and found just what I wanted. Number bond matching games (I downloaded the butterflies, since she loves them) and number bond posters for the wall – using Lego men.

Twinkl Number Bonds

I also found some great sheets that I intend to laminate and fix to the top of the table that Plum and PK sit at – the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colours.

And then I found some maths sheets for Bean to reinforce some areas that he struggles to remember. It’s not that he finds the method difficult, just that he doesn’t seem to remember how to solve certain problems, no matter how many times we do them. I found some games that address those exact areas, so I thought that would be a fun way to reinforce the maths we do with Khan Academy.

I’m really enjoying exploring numbers with Plum – she’s so excited about learning new things! 

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2 comments on “Home Education – Number Bonds

  1. Isn’t the internet wonderful for a determined mother like you? I admire the way you find just what you need and set the device up for your children. Top marks–mummy.

  2. I like visual and pictures to learn stuff .It reinforces data in my memory so much better.You have great tools to teach your little ones.

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