What Am I?

We had lots of correct answers last week’s What Am I? Diana was the first on the right track, and Ai Sukura from Sakura Haruka was the first to identify the actual item. And, Colleen, I’m pleased to say it’s not my spoon, nor my table – I took the picture at a local Costa recently! The answer was a spoon – specifically a teaspoon handle.

So here’s this week’s puzzle; see how you get on with it. What Am I?


As usual, props and a shout out to the first correct answer and name checks on Twitter to all those with correct answers (leave your Twitter handle for a name check)

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8 comments on “What Am I?

  1. Thanks for hosting 🙂

  2. Eets a brain! Mwa ha ha.

  3. That’s a rice cake.
    She says definitively …

  4. Im thinking a rice cake too
    Thanks for keeping us in suspense each week!

  5. Rice Cake!!!

  6. No, no! Not rice cakes! Edible styrofoam.

  7. Aww I was beaten =P

    But this is either a rice or corn cake =) #ww

  8. Rice cake!

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