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I’ve been a bit quiet this week, sorry! It’s just been one of those weeks. I hope the blog will be back up to full speed next week.

We did some artwork in the garden this week. I saw a link on Facebook (and I’ve tried to find it again to share with you, but can’t!) that showed an Autumn themed art activity. It’s very simple – you need some poster paint, card, a cardboard box and some golf balls. We didn’t have gold balls, but I bought a packet of ten bouncy balls from the party bag section of the supermarket and that worked well.

Put the card in the box and then add a few drops each of whichever colour(s) of paint you’re using. Pop in the balls and roll them around. We hung the completed pieces on the washing line to dry and we all had a go – including PK and Stonelaughter!

Don’t ask me how they managed to get the bottom of their feet painted, but they did!


And here’s some of the finished artwork:


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  1. Thanks for hosting – looking forward to reading the other Blogs that link up 🙂

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